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For the most recent general update of the project - see the 2012/13 Annual Report

  1. 1.Reilly D. The Healing Shift Enquiry – creating  a shift in healthcare. Journal of Holistic Healthcare. 2013;10(1):9-14.

  1. 2.   Reilly D. We need a new vision to meet the new  challenges of our times. Journal of Holistic Healthcare. 2013;10(1):4.

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BMJ Editorial: Enhancing Human Healing.
Calls for a direct study of human healing responses.
BMJ 2001;322:120-121  BMJ article.

  1. Bullet  Holism in primary care: The views of Scotland's general practitioners .
    A major survey of GPs views on the state of the art of holism.
    Primary Health Care Research and Development 2005; 6: 320-328.

  2. Bullet   Length of consultations. Time and stress are limiting holistic care in Scotland.
    Mercer SW, Hasegawa H, Reilly D, Bikker AP.BMJ 2002 Nov 23;325(7374). BMJ article.

  3. Bullet The importance of empathy in the enablement of patients attending the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital.
    Mercer SW, Reilly D, Watt GC. Br J Gen Pract 2002 Nov;52(484):901-5. View article.

  4. Bullet   Empathy is important for enablement.
    First report from a pilot study of outpatients attending the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital. Using Howie's Patient Enablement Scale demonstrated significant positive impact in a sample of 200 consultations before any medicines had been used. There was no instance of enablement in the absence of empathy.
    Mercer, S. W, Watt, G. C M, Reilly, D. BMJ 2001; 322:865 BMJ article.

  5. Bullet Inside the Consultation - a Qualitative Study
    A qualitative study of patient's views on the consultation at the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, an NHS integrative complementary and orthodox medical care unit.  Mercer, S. W. and D. Reilly Patient Educ Couns. 2004; 53(1): 13-8.

  6. BulletThe 5th Wave - a Discussion on the Future of Health.
    The one to one encounter interacts with the big picture of the next wave of public health. From the Scottish Council Foundation and HNS Scotland.  View article.

  7. BulletNew Models of Healing.
    A brief comment on the emergence of Integrated and Integrative care.
    Reilly, D. PostScript Issue 28 July 2005 pages 1 and 4. View article

  8. BulletFalling through the holes in wholism. Contribution to debate sparked by excellent article: Bass C, May S. ABC of psychological medicine: Chronic multiple functional somatic symptoms.
    Reilly, D. BMJ 2002; 325:  323-6. BMJ article.

  9. BulletPsychiatry's Part in The Fragmented Art of Human Healing.
    The Royal College Of Psychiatrists Spirituality & Psychiatry Special Interest Group. Reilly D. Newsletter No. 9, August 2002 p4-8. Fascinating articles in general.  ViewArticle 

  10. BulletHUMAN HEALING: Perspectives, Alternatives and Controversies.
    A report written by the participants on a Pilot of a Special Study Module for 3rd year undergraduate medical students at Glasgow University.

  11. BulletConsultations at GHH.
    A pilot qualitative study and commentary on some therapeutic consultations -  report from from Zelda diBlasi and Jos Kliejnen.

  12. BulletEnablement - a preliminary report.
    From the project lead by Stewart Mercer with David Reilly and contributions from Graham Watt - evaluation of the quality of consultations and what determines it using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods.

  13. Bullet   A pilot prospective study on the consultation and relational empathy, patient enablement, and health changes over 12 months in patients going to the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital
    Bikker A, Mercer S, Reilly D.. J Altern Complement Med. 2005;11(4):591 - 600.

  Placebos in medicine
            Comments prompted by the Lewith et al BMJ 2002 trial:

  1. Bullet1.When is useful improvement a waste of time? Double positive paradox of negative trials.
    BMJ 2002;325:41. In 'negative' RCTs did both groups work, or neither? BMJ article.

  2. Bullet2.A pilot design of diluted power. It might prove effectiveness, but it does not disprove efficacy.
    Reilly D. BMJ 2 March 2002 Responses for Lewith el at 324 (7336). A pilot design of diluted power. It might prove effectiveness, but it does not disprove efficacy. 2 March 2002. BMJ article.

  1. Bullet       Di Blasi, Z., and D. Reilly. "Placebos in Medicine: Medical Paradoxes Need Disentangling." [In eng]. BMJ 330, no. 7481 (Jan 1 2005): 45.


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