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The teaching available ranges from single lectures and keynote addresses to workshops lasting 1 or more days. Two streams of staff development programmes have been organised. The first  is  The StaffWEL versions of the WEL programme can be run for staff-welfare and learning. This teaching has been developed for a range of medical and non-medical disciplines and has included doctors, nurses, midwives, allied health care professionals, social workers, complementary therapists, teacher, chaplains, architects, business people and others - in the UK, Europe, USA, Japan and elsewhere.  A second major teaching theme is around improving the Therapeutic Encounter - which include reflections on integrative processes that generate coherence and reduce fragmentation, be it within an individual, a meeting, medicine, or a culture. This is supported by videos of patients experiencing creative change, allowing a fresh study of human healing responses and the things which impact on this (including placebo); pathways of consciousness and mind-body links; therapeutic encounter and healing relationships; self-care and self-healing, and linked to this, developing our self-awareness and mindfulness.
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CONFERENCE PLUS  UK -  GP Conference - 40 GPs.

Maximum possible score 10:    Usefulness of Session   9.8  Overall assessment   9.4

A fine sensitive & carefully researched approach to how we should care & treat our patients - superb….  This has stimulated me to find ways to become a more caring doctor… Inspirational, humbling, and extra-ordinarily thought provoking. My enthusiasm has been rekindled… Really made me think about why I did medicine in the first place… I did want to help, had been losing that recently under a mountain of irrelevent pressures that I now feel I can justly reject…    Will ensure that I personally see some patients that I had unconsciously slipped over to other staff because I felt hopeless in the face of their symptoms.     Excellent, Great, Interactive, Interesting, Could Carry On All Day….  I feel better about the way I attempt to practice, it seems as if somebody understands why I do what I do and I am not so bad always running late as a result…. Tremendously inspiring with food for thought….

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